Fashion e-commerce evolved

Treedy's revolutionary technology is set to change how fashion is purchased and sold online

Leading the field in body scanning technology

We have developed the most powerful and cost effective 3D capture technology for human body scanning, and collaborate with world leaders in fashion and technology. Our expertise is recognized worldwide.

Human Body Scanner

Our solutions allows our clients to generate high quality scans that can be used 
for marketing purposes and to extract precise body measurement information. With the emergence of new solutions in the area of virtual fitting 
and targeted marketing, the need for acquisition and use of consumers' morphological data is growing exponentially.

Shooting at 1/10th of a second

This speed enables high throughput at retail locations 
and ensures a profitable investment for our clients.

Morphological Information

From a 3D scan we are able to extract any number of body measurements with 0.2 mm precision.

A high quality textured model

3D models are ready to use for content marketing, big data, 
marketing automation, mobile marketing and social media marketing.

Low cost per unit

Our automated 3D model production processes guarantee competitive prices while ensuring ease of maintenance and high ROI.

Optimize return rate

23% of all clothing purchased gets returned. The cost to handle each return order varies, ranging from $3 to $12 per order.

For 64% incorrect fit is the major reason for returning clothes

85% of consumers would purchase at least one to two more articles of clothing 
during a single transaction if they could ensure a proper fit.

57% of consumers only purchase apparel or footwear online from brands or styles they know will fit.

A multidisciplinary team

Our team is composed of multiple profiles. From technical to fashion specialist, but also digital and marketing experts. But all of them are strong pillars for this young startup. They are creating a consistent eco-system to develop this promising project.

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