Explore the process
What we do?
3D Scanning
Our revolutionary TreedyScan capture system allows us to instantly scan people or objects in breathtaking detail!

Printed figurines
Models created with TreedyScan can be 3D-printed as beautifully detailed full-color figurines.
We can cater to all demands from full scale busts to miniature figurines as well as prints made in precious metals such as bronze or gold.
treedys - 3d scans for everyone
Make a splash with our TreedyScan system at your event!
Our quick to install, easy to use system is guaranteed to provide an unforgettable experience that can be followed up with beautiful 3D models displayed online or even wonderfully detailed full color sandstone prints!
3D scanning studio rental
If you have a project for which many high quality scans are required
we can provide you with a complete solution tailored to your needs. Contact us for a detailed quote!
Our Technology
Model Prep
The data captured by our 150 sensors is processed by our graphics specialists to create the final high quality 3D models!

Stand in the middle of the studio and don’t blink!
The data capture process takes only 1/10th of a second!

Our 3D models
3D scans of people or objects
Online viewing
Our models can be exported in a variety of formats, from super high quality for high detail VFX to super-light files for real-time 3D environments like augmented reality or online viewing.

3D printing
A wide selection of sizes and materials can be used
and we partner with the best 3D printing companies to bring you the best quality on the market!
Usable in any application!

Our models can be exported in any format required for all desktop or mobile applications!


Our models can be rigged for animation for use in VFX productions, video games, or any other project that you have in mind!

Virtual reality

The high quality of our models make them ideal for creating content for VR applications! From people to objects, we can scan anything and output the quality that you need for your environment.

Compatible tous supports!
Nos modèles peuvent être exportés pour toute utilisation desktop ou mobile!