Make an impression!

Our TreedyScan setup is available as a truly unique feature for your events!

• The elegant, futuristic design of our scanning studio is sure to impress your clients
• Setup is a breeze: the scanner was designed with portability in mind and can be assembled in less than one hour
• Our scanner can be branded and customized to suit your needs


We offer many different solutions:
• Creation of 3d models of individuals or groups of people that can be viewed online on your smartphone, tablet or computer
• Prints as figurines or busts! We can offer a wide variety of finishes and materials, including beautiful full color sandstone.

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Your miniature 3d double!

Create your own unique perfect 3d figurine!
Our beautifully detailed 3d prints make a lovely memento to capture a special moment in time, a perfect gift for friends and family!

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3D scanning service
For an engaging customer experience

Would you like to show unique items to customers that are far away?
Or maybe create and interactive experience to better present a new line of products?
Go for 3d scanning! We can provide a dynamic addition to photographic marketing material at a very low cost and with a very high output speed.

Simply set up your product in the middle of our TreedyScan studio system and click “capture”! Data acquisition takes only 1/10th of a second after which we create high definition models for application from archeological conservation to showing off your latest product online or even 3D printing a duplicate in any material of your choice!

Our 3D models can be output in formats that are 100% HTML5 compatible for comfortable online viewing on any peripheral without the need to download additional plugins.

Scanning can be done in our studios, at one of our partner’s studios or directly at your location with our easily transportable scanning system!

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3D scanner rental
We can fulfill all your needs in terms of 3D scanning!

Our scanner is made up of 150 sensors arranged in an array on 25 independent modules. The modular character of our scanner allows us to minimise setup time and to create a system that can respond to the specific requirements of your application.

When you rent one of our scanners you also get access to our post-prroduction pipeline, giving you access to extremely fast high quality previews of your models as well as unmatched pricing for 3D model prints and post-production!

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Would you like to purchase your own scanning studio?
We offer the best design of transportable 3D photogrammetry systems on the market, as well as access to a host of services and knowledge to make sure that your scanning business gets the head start that you want!

Our unique design keeps the cost of ownership and operation to a minimum. Contact us and you will be surprised at how economical it can be to set up your own 3D scanning business today!

Lead times for production are extremely short: you can be up and running in a matter of weeks!

We can also design a tailored scanning system fitting your specific needs and setup environment.