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The best 3D body
scanning technology

For the customer

No need to undress, get your precise measurements.

We scan customers with their clothes on within seconds. By understanding what makes them unique, we provide a frictionless experience, with the highest adoption-rate on the market.

For the industry

One size does not fit all.

The lack of a universal sizing system makes shopping impossible. Right now, the answer is based on predictions, and it mainly takes place at an online level.

For the retailer

Digital sales assistant.

Just 35% of customers are willing to consult an in-store salesperson, that’s why we’re here to help. By quickly knowing their right size, shoppers have more time for choosing instead of wondering.

The partner to build your future

Fitsbest application

Digital sales assistant

Fitsbest, our dedicated smartphone app, acts as a new personal assistant. Just 35% of customers are willing to consult an in-store salesperson, that’s why our technology is here to help. By assisting customers in their shopping experience, we give them more time for choosing instead of wondering.


Increase sales and decrease return rates

The Fashion environment industry has a tremendous impact on the environment, due to overload of clothes being returned or destroyed. Getting the right size instantly makes shopping smarter, and supports sustainability.


Tailored body measurements extractions

Our unique scanners and algorithms are capable of reproducing the work of a tailor. We’re able to accurately extract any body measurement, with a minimal error. Thanks to our technology, we can bring haute couture across the globe.

Metaverse ready

Digital avatar

Digital twins will be a must in the future. With the emergence of the metaverse, a new phygital world is developing. Treedy’s offers life-like depictions, ready for realistic virtual fitting.

What they say about us

“Treedy’s will allow clothing customers, including Decathlon’s clients, to choose the most accurate size(s) followed by the best fitting shape throughout their purchasing journey, whether it be physically in store or digitally online.”

Christophe HaudiquetDirector financier Alliance Decathlon

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Treedy’s unique & exclusive «No need to undress» technology yields the most accurate results in the human body scanning.