Decathlon is the lead actor in the sporting goods industry, with over 1700 stores and a presence all around the world. Treedy’s and Decathlon have been working together since 2021, when potential was seen for our in-store scanning solution.

Decathlon to give customers an upgraded shopping experience. Together we provide in-store 3D scanning services, followed by digital size advice using Decathlon’s customer interface. Through this collaborative effort, we are studying the impact, and the new opportunities, of our solution on today’s fashion ecosystem.

Our scanners have already been making an impression, for shoppers and Decathlon. We’re happy to see customers already benefiting from our solutions. Thanks to Decathlon’s feedback we further strengthen our technologies to keep improving our solutions.

Treedy’s will allow clothing customers, including Decathlon’s clients, to choose the most accurate size(s) followed by the best fitting shape throughout their purchasing journey, whether it be physically in store or digitally online.

Christophe HaudiquetDirector financier Alliance Decathlon

This is just a first step in providing a better experience. We are thrilled to have Decathlon as a partner in helping us create an improved and more sustainable retail environment.

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